Balloon Barbecue in Denver! Ready for Summer?

balloon-barbeque balloon-barbeque23

You can’t get ready for summer without twisted balloon burgers and twisted balloon corn on the cob or twisted balloon hot dogs. And what better way to get ready than to toss them all on a twisted balloon barbecue?

Denver's 16th street mall turns 25!

denver-25 denver-25-next Denver’s 16th street mall turns 25! We used a reinforced framework that reaches under the blue carpet and securely holds the ‘2’ and the ‘5’ in place. This was a very public celebration which the mayor spoke at, so it was imperative that even in high wind the balloon sculptures stayed put. Have a special outdoor meeting? Need peace of mind with the decor? Let us help.

Balloon Centerpieces

palm-tree-tropical-balloon-centerpiece fire-truck-balloon-centerpiece 50-balloon-centerpiece
We make all kinds of fun balloon centerpieces! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate awards ceremony, contact us for creative innovative centerpieces!

ADI Expo with a Construction Zone theme

adi-expo adi-expo2
ADI held their annual security expo and decided to use a construction zone theme. We used balloon columns to bring their color scheme to life. We rented the construction barriers from a local rental company to drive home the theme. We created the signs out of foam core. Contact us for what we can do for you.

Grand Opening of The First Tee Golf Course

balloon-golf-tee balloon-golf-tee2
Using large golf tee balloon sculptures for a local golf course grand opening was exactly what was needed at the front entrance. Adding their logo to the golf balls insured that people remembered where they were. The weather has been unbelievable here in Denver. So tee up and get ready for a round.

A Special Music Themed Bat Mitzvah

sydney-bat-mitzvah sydney-bat-mitzvah2

This balloon decor was ordered by for a Bat Mitzvah.  Certain colors and music notes were requested.  We created the balloon columns with the mylar balloon numbers and stars.  Using the requested colors and special music note printed latex we created balloon bouquets that perfectly matched the other decor in the room.

Basketball Party with Twisted Balloon Coaches

twisted-balloon-basketball-players balloon-basketball-centerpiece
Today we decorated a Westminster High School Girl’s Basketball party with twisted balloon sculptures of the coaches. We also did a one of a kind balloon centerpiece for the occasion too. Adding some 11″ helium balloons on ribbon will decorate the rest of the event.  Have fun!