Disney Balloon Centerpieces

mickey-mouse-centerpiece mickey-mouse-centerpiece2

I have noticed many of you have been searching for Disney ideas.  I will show you in the next few posts several Disney characters we twisted as centerpieces for a Disney event.  Here is a twisted balloon Mickey Mouse centerpiece.

Balloon Workout Theme

balloon-muscleman-and-barbell balloon-barbell-centerpiece

Achieving awarness of physical fitness can be hard to accomplish.  Balloons make it easy to do.  Here we have a twisted balloon body builder and a easy to lift balloon barbell centerpiece.  Come on now… 4 more and 3…

Columbine balloons in a Parade

columbine-balloons columbine-balloons-2

You can’t go wrong with balloons in a parade.  Here for the St. Patricks day parade we added columbine flowers that really punched up the color on the vehicles as they drove by.  Contact us to see how we can liven up your special event.

Add Twisted Balloon Flowers Anywhere!


By adding twisted balloon flowers to your event, you can expect the event to be much more livelier.  Here we took an ordinary iron fence and turned it into a explosion of bright colors!

Classy Balloon Wedding Decoration

intertwinded-balloon-hearts classy-balloon-wedding-decor

Most weddings we see that are decorated with balloons border on gawdy to ridiculous.  Here is a wedding reception that was clean simple and elegant.  The intertwined hearts balloon sculpture was the main focal point and the tulle heart balloon columns framed the room.  The balloon bouquets added flare on the tables througout the rest of the room.

Xcel Energy Logo and Balloon Directionals

xcel-energy-logo xcel-energy-directionals

Xcel Energy threw a big party and wanted some of our best balloon decor.  We started with working their logo into our SDS panels.  This stands 8 feet tall and is completely self supported.  Next we added vinyl to large 3 foot balloon toppers on columns to function as directionals.

Wired Coffee Shop Balloons in Denver

wired-coffee-shop-denver wired-print-balloons

A large balloon coffee cup was a great way to promote Wired Coffee shop in Denver.  We used a large balloon sculpture with a metal base and pole to hold it securely in the wind.  We twisted the lightning bolt on top and printed their logo on balloons to finish it off!

Olympic Balloons for Denver!

olympic-balloons-logo olympic-balloon-torches

The Olympics may come to Denver!  Here is their logo and torches we did for an exploratory commitee to see if Denver might be the right place for a future Olympics!  Both of these have structures.  Balloons are a great way to create awareness.

Balloon Columns and Spiral Balloon Arch

balloon-columns-with-string-arch large-spiral-arch

Any large outdoor event benefits from balloon decor.  We can work with almost any buget.  Here are a couple items we decided to use for this large outdoor run/walk.  Contact us for what we can do for your outdoor event.

Birthday Balloon Arch with Link-o-Loons

link-o-loon-balloon-arch link-o-loon-balloon-arch-2

Here is a great balloon arch using Link-o-Loons.  These balloons have a connection point at the other end allowing you to connect them together.  Looks like the birthday boy approves.  This was a Power Rangers theme, so he posed with an action stance.