Balloon sculptures in Chihuly style

chihuly balloon sculpture chihuly balloon sculptureschihuly sculpture

Tonight is a special event at the Denver Botanic Gardens celebrating Dale Chihuly’s glass art. We decorated the event by making twisted balloon sculptures in the same style as some of his exquisite art works. Here is the write up from the Denver Botanic Gardens website.

“Denver Botanic Gardens presents the Rocky Mountain Region’s first major outdoor exhibition of artwork by celebrated American artist, Dale Chihuly. Chihuly’s sculptures – ranging in size and form – add bold colors and dramatic beauty to the Gardens’ 24-acre urban oasis.”

“Chihuly is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement and elevating the perception of the glass medium from the realm of craft to fine art. He is renowned for ambitious architectural installations around the world, in historic cities, museums and gardens.”

Spring bouquet balloon centerpieces

spring balloon bouquet centerpieces spring balloon bouquet centerpieces denver

Spring is in full swing with these bright and colorful spring bouquet centerpieces.  We can work out any color or theme with our amazing balloon decorations.  Check out our site for even more creative ideas.

Halloween Birthday balloon delivery Denver

halloween birthday balloons delivery denver halloween birthday balloon delivery denver

Some lucky people celebrate birthdays close to the Halloween holiday.  This lucky person also was celebrating their 40th birthday.  Do you know someone who needs birthday balloons delivered in Denver?

Sunshine Balloon Delivery brightens day!

sunshine balloon delivery denver sunshine balloons delivery denver

Nothing brightens up someones day like a Sunshine Balloon Bouquet!  This lucky recipient seems to feel the effects already!  We deliver to Denver and the surrounding areas.  Check out our website for more ideas.

Add a twisted pet to your next balloon delivery

twisted balloon dogs twisted balloon dogs 2

People love their dogs.  Why not add a twisted balloon dog to your next balloon delivery to make it even more special.  We can twist almost any kind of pet.

Be There Balloon Sculptures

fathers who care fathers who care 2

This event was held in Denver City Park.  These logo sculptures of the Be There logo were the hit of the party.  Do you have a logo you want made into balloon sculpturesContact us and let us blow your mind!

The butterfly from Alice in Wonderland

butterfly from alice in wonderland butterfly from alice in wonderland 2

This butterfly from Alice in Wonderland took up the entire ceiling.  It had an 8 foot wingspan and was attached to the ceiling with magnets.  It was huge and really finished of the theme.

Whoooo rrrrrrrr UUUUuu?

Catepillar from Alice in Wonderland Catepillar from Alice in Wonderland 2

The Caterpillar from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland was one of the most difficult sculptures we have ever built.  He stands 12 feet tall at his highest point.  The mushroom was 7 feet accross.  We were pleased how he turned out.  Have a great theme you need some decorations for?  Contact us and let our work amaze you.

Painting the roses red….

Painting the roses red from alice in wonderland Painting the roses red from alice in wonderland 2

These guys are ‘painting the roses red’ from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  They were set up in the foyer just outside the main ballroom.  Working with the entire theme of Alice in Wonderland was huge fun.

Balloon Chandelier's in the Seawell Ballroom

balloon-chandeliers-seawell-ballroom balloon-chandeliers-seawell-ballroom-2

Here are some balloon chandeliers in the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  These balloon chandeliers are a great way to decorate a formal party.

Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

Queen of hearts from alice in wonderland Queen of hearts from alice in wonderland 2

Here is the Queen of Hearts from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.  She is holding a pink flamingo as a golf club.  This is one of many posts featuring decorations from a Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Shag Carpet Balloon Columns

Shag carpet balloon columns Shag carpet balloon columns 2

Need an explosion of color?  How about our multi-color shag carpet balloon columns?  I know you want them! These were made for a Zumiez event in Keystone, Colorado.